Life Groups

We not only meet on Sunday to worship, but we desire to invest in one another through Life group gatherings through the week.  In line with our core values, we desire to be a congregation that develops caring relationships that are spiritually transformational.  We also value simple structures, so we encourage organic groups that meet together in various places and formats in order to have spiritual conversations. 

There are two kinds of Life Groups in which you can be involved:

Mentoring Group

A mentoring group tends to be more one-on-one discipleship for people that a fairly new to their faith, or feel the need for a more structured conversation. 

Life Group

A life group tends to be organically formed in order to bring people together for fellowship, food, and spiritual conversation.  These groups can take place in multiple places and in differing ways depending on the needs of the group.  

If you are currently forming a group, would you let us know?
Or if you are searching for a group and have not connected yet, please let us know.